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Newcastle District Cleaning Ltd

Window Cleaners                             Solar Panel Cleaners

Frequently asked questions 

Do you do one-off cleans?

Yes, but only for commercial customers'

What is a regular clean?

Daily,weekly,fortnightly and 4-weekly - bear in mind window cleaning is weather dependant and in the case of a 4-weekly clean we may be a couple of days early during good weather or a couple of days late during bad weather

Can you do cleans by appointment?

Yes but they cost more and must be a regular clean

Which areas do you cover?

Contact our office for details

Do you clean windows above conservatories and third floor windows?

Yes we operate 3 water fed pole systems which specialise in work up to 70 ft

What other services do you offer?

UPVC cleaning, gutter/fascia cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, cladding and solar panel cleaning

What if I am out when my windows are cleaned - do you collect?

No - this has been phased out

Our 2 preferred methods of payment are Cash and BACS

We do take Debit/Credit card payments over the phone

If you're not able to get to the phone during working hours we do accept Paypal and also have a 'cheque payment system' - our staff will explain this to you

What time can I telephone to pay my bill or enquire about something?

The office is staffed Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

If you can't contact us during these times please just send us an email [email protected]

What if its raining when my window cleaner turns up can I ask him to give it a miss?

We do work in light rain and unless you've given us a days notice we expect our window cleaners' to complete their work schedule, we are running a business and we wouldn't be able to pay our staff otherwise

Is it alright to let my window cleaning bill build up over a couple of months?

No - we are a small business and expect prompt payment

What if I am unhappy with my clean?

We want 100% customer satisfaction - as long as you contact us within 24 hours of your clean we promise the clean will be redone free of charge

Why are my windows wet after a reach & wash clean?

The water is purified - all solids have been removed from the water to enable a streak free clean and the water will dry within 20 minutes - bare in mind your first reach & wash clean will take longer because we have to remove all chemicals and detergents that may be on the glass - please note we'd appreciate it if you didn't use detergents in between cleans

How much does it cost?

We could give you a rough estimate over the phone once we have gathered some details about your property but we can only give you the actual price once we have seen the property in question 

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, its £5.50

We have our rear gate locked when we are out?

In this case we would only clean the front of the house. If you like we could text you on the morning of your clean so you could ensure we had access to the back

I would prefer to be home when you clean our windows?

You would be best to use our appointment system otherwise we cannot guarantee the day and time we will get to you each clean, due to unseen circumstances for example the weather. However we do pop a ticket through your door once they have been cleaned. If this is inconvenient for you please think carefully before you sign up for our service

Are you reliable?

Yes we are extremely reliable, We will always clean your windows at the agreed frequency except in extremely bad weather

To request an estimate contact :

Tony or Chelsea on 0191 563 0962

James - Operations Manager on 07794 480 857